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The pair (set of 2) of Long Silk flags are uniquely hand painted/dyed 100% Habotai silk 5mm gives the flag a light flow of beauty. The size is approximately 36" x 98" with a fiberglass flex rod sewn in the flag casting. The created process is done in an atmosphere of prayer, worship and the product are anointed with oil.

Refreshing Long Silk Flags

SKU: 20101
  • WASHING SILK: hand-wash with a solution of ½ Water and ½ Woolite in cool water. All silks need to be line dried, don’t put them in the dryer. Try not to wash them unless it is absolutely necessary.

    IRONING SILK: Your silk will most likely need to be ironed from time to time. Use the steam setting on the iron. (Make sure the iron is clean! If not, the steam can leave spots.) If there is any kind of painting or decoration on the silk, iron on the opposite (wrong) side.

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